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To install Surface first double click or select Open from pop-up menu on downloaded Surface.dmg file. New disk icon will appear on the Finder desktop. Open it with double click or by selecting Open from pop-up menu. You will see a window with two items: Surface application and shortcut to Application folder. Grab Surface item and move it to shortcut of Application folder. Surface is ready to use.
After buying the licence, Surface can be registered on page with purchase summarization by clicking „Activate now” link. Registration can be done also later. To do it start the application, select menu „Surface” and submenu „Register...”. Window requesting User name and Licence Key will appear. Provide these information and press Ok button.
Main window
It is a place where you keep and manage files, folders and internet links. The window can be moved by grabbing its border. If you want to minimize it, use round button with white X mark which is located in left top corner of window. To bring it back click the application icon in the dock. The size of window working space is bigger than window itself and is equal to the size of main the desktop. The content of the window can be scrolled with mouse scroll ball or scroll wheels.
Full screen mode
To enter full screen mode select „View” menu and „Enter full screen mode” submenu. This operation hides top menu, Dock and additionally main window is stretched to the size of desktop and is no longer transparent. In this mode you can do the same operations as in window mode. To go back to window mode select again „View” menu and „Exit full screen mode” submenu.
Preferences window lets you set parameters influencing appearance and behaviour of the application.
Surface can contain three types of items: files, folders and the internet links. Files can be added from Finder windows, desktop and folders placed in Dock. The internet links can be added by dragging them from the internet browser.
By pressing right mouse button pop-up menu is invoked. For files and folders menu lets open selected item, reveal in Finder, edit and remove. The internet links menu is almost the same except lack of reveal in Finder option.
Adding files or folders
To add file or folder grab it from Finder window, desktop, Dock folder or application which allows you to grab files or folders and drag it to Surface window.
Adding the internet links
To add the internet link grab it from browser which allows it (Safari does) and drag it to Surface window.
Moving file, folder or the internet link
To move file, folder or the internet link grub it with mouse using left button and move it to new location.
Removing file, folder or the internet link
There are two ways to remove file, folder or the internet link. First by selecting „Remove” option from pop-up menu. Second by invoking edit menu and pressing with left mouse button on round close button located in left top corner of item you want to remove.
Open file, folder or the internet link
To open file, folder or the internet link select from pop-up menu „Open” option or double click item you want to open. If item is executable file it will start, if it is a document, default application for this type of document will start and document load into it, if it is folder its content will reveal and if it is the internet link default browser will start and what link points will be loaded.
Item edit menu
Selecting „Edit item and relations” submenu or pressing right button with Option key switches application to edit mode which lets add and remove notes, relations and remove files, folders and the internet links.
Relations are used to show connections between files, folders and the internet links. There are three kinds of relations: item can contain another, item can depend on another and item can use another.
Creating relations
To create relation click icon representing the one you want to create from edit menu and move mouse to file, folder or the internet link which you want to be in relation with the selected one.
Removing relations
To remove relation click round button with white X mark located at the end of relation arrow.
Adding notes
To add note click rightmost edit menu icon and move mouse to place where you want your note to appear.
Moving notes
To move note grab its border and move it to a new location.
Removing notes
To remove note invoke edit menu and press button located in left top corner of note you want to remove.